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A Visiting Scholars Dream Home!

It’s quiet. It’s peaceful. It’s chock-full of books, great music, relaxing hideways.

Private and quiet!

The perfect place to finish that novel, heart-burning poem, or world-changing business report.

Upscale and respectful.

Each room is furnished with a comfortable desk, high speed internet, ergonomic chair and a 300+ thread count 100% cotton sheets. The Romeo & Juliet balcony, upper deck dinner table, front porch rocking chairs, secret garden or sunken patio, provide a plethora of tension-free spots!

Ray Vernon
Sabbatical House was the brain child of Ray Vernon, professor ameritus Kennedy School of Government, and Diane Cotman.

The plan was to create a sabbatical environment squeezing every ounce of expanded thinking, fun, adventure, and productivity out of the sabbatical experience for the scholar and family.

Click Here for "How The Sabbatical House Got Started"

The house itself boasts of such special features as:

  • Relaxing extra-large Jacuzzi
  • Premium air-quality
  • A water system that recycles the bath water to water the plants growing in the large planter beds in the windows

Relax in the let-your-hair-down living area, sink into the healthy beds and cook in the designer kitchens. This is sincerely a home-away-from-home!

The Sustainable House is the national model of environmentally sound construction and living!

Situated in historical West Cambridge, just off Brattle Street, a 15 minute walk to Harvard Square. Only steps from a world-renowned specialty shop (featuring imported cheese, phenomenal baked goods and mouth-tantalizing entrees).

Your host is a well-traveled careful thinker.

With everything at your fingertips, you can spend your sabbatical productively making contacts, enjoying the city, and completing breakthrough research.

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