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The 136 Appleton Street House

Sabbatical House
A four unit, 3,800 square foot house, situated in historical West Cambridge is a visiting scholar’s dream home. The Arts + Crafts design features hand-crafted woodwork, sun-filled rooms, hardwood floors, Smart House electronics, audio engineered sound and high speed digital linkages.

The sustainable design features improve the living environment through draft-free heating, controlled fresh air exchanges with high quality, allergy--free indoor air and orchid filled garden beds.

Plush up-scale furnishings with everything at your fingertips. You need only move in with your toothbrush and laptop and start a refreshingly carefree sabbatical year!

The house interior is integrated to the outdoors through French doors, balconies, sunken private porches, secret gardens and a garage converted into an outdoor garden pavilion.

These exquisitely designed, fully furnished suites are located only 15 minutes from Harvard Square, off Brattle Street, in Cambridge’s most historical neighborhood. One has the best of both worlds: a tranquil country-like setting in the midst of a cultural urban environment.

Everything you need is at your fingertips. You need only bring your clothes and tooth brush. And, everything is paid in one fee.

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Not included:
  • Microwave ovens
  • Personal stereo + music
  • Personal computer
  • Personal telephone
  • Hasels and troubles

A Quick Overview:
Unit 1: You can play the Steinway in this a 1,250 square foot, five room, two bedroom Arts + Crafts style suite featuring: hardwood floors, happy sun-filled rooms, radiant wall heating, Romeo+Juliet balcony, two orchid filled indoor planter beds (with underground recycled watering system from bathtub), air jet Ultra sauna tub, ceiling fans, operable windows, cedar closets, top of the line Mohr McPherson furnishings - More....

Unit 2South: A charming Bird’s Nest, this 700 square foot, one bedroom suite has the design features of an elaborate home. Featured in small space living, this unit makes every square inch matter. Modern contemporary design, hardwood floors, Romeo+Juliet balcony overlooking a secret garden, sleek stainless steel kitchen cabinets, two orchid filled indoor planter beds (with underground recycled watering system from bathtub), Diamond Spa stainless steel tub, handmade Mexican tiles, Italian wall sconces and built in desk and storage - More....

Unit 2North: Sleep in a bed from a castle in Barcelona! This 1,400 square foot, six room, two bedroom, bi-level unit with double French door entranceway, only steps from front deck and sunset dinners. On the first level are the living room, dining room and kitchen. The stairs lead to the second level two bedrooms, WC and Spa relaxation room featuring an opulent Victorian claw legged whirlpool Jacuzzi, bookshelves filled with poetry, and rocking chair. Hardwood floors, northern exposure, sky lights, contemporary design - More....

Unit Garden: Reminiscent of an Italian villa, 700 square foot unit with living room, open dning and kitchen area, full wall closet, bedroom and bath. The toasty warm radiant floros are tiled with terra cotta tile with Biblical Egyptian inlays - More....

Each unit is fully furnished with all amenities, including 300+ threat count 100% cotton linen, dishes, silverware, kitchen utensils and quality cookware. Included in the one reasonable price is rent, heat, electricity, hot water, high speed internet, cable television, Cambridge visitor’s parking pass.

The Creature Comfort Features

Sustainable does not mean uncomfortable. Energy efficient does not mean one must freeze in the dark. The great public fear of "environmental housing" is that, in an attempt to save resources, one must give up quality of life. This is not so. The sustainable House features all modern amenities, including:

Designer furnishings. Interior designers provided a professional eye to the choice and arrangement of well designed, non-toxic furnishing. The walls are graced with original art by talented environmentally concerned artists. It was the belief of all members of the design team that every time the eye rests it should land on a visual feast. Linens, towels, dishes, every necessary item is provided. All featured items may be purchased through The Center for Sustainable Building.
dining view

Outdoor spaces. At Sabbatical House, the house is intimately connected to the outdoors so that residents can flow from interior to exterior, enjoying fresh air, blue skies, sunshine, moonlight and a field of stars. Working windows, a garden that blossoms from March thru November, two private balconies, a traditional front porch, front deck, private back yard patio, sunken patio, and secret garden seat. The house is within 1 mile of a large pond, an international reknowned arboritum, two private neighborhood parks.

One price for all. There is no other place like this in all of Boston. The modest prices are designed for dedicated scholars. The one monthly fee pays for all expenses including, rent, heat, electricity, hot water, high speed internet, cable television, City of Cambridge visitor parking permit, free laundry use, fire sprinkler system, the works. There are no extra fees. (Note: Personal telephone is NOT included. Skype is recommended).

High speed electronics. The highest speed internet access is provided. Plus Cable television.

Professional kitchens. Professionally designed fully functioning kitchens. The kitchens were designed by Ron Garnick, well known in the Boston area for his effectively functioning kitchens. The kitchens feature Meile Convection ovens, Miele cook tops and quality cookware, super-insulated Energy Star refrigerators, and Miele dishwasher (which are so quiet and safe that even fine crystal can be washed without fear of breakage). Quality knives, china, serving dishes, and tableware complete the package.

Whole House Vacuum System. The vacuum hose plugs into a sealed piping system within the wall. All dust is removed through this system assuring alergy-free, high quality indoor air.

Indoor air quality. The indoor air quality was monitored for 6 years by the Harvard School of Public Health. No air could have higher quality. There is, and never has been, smoking within the house. The house
entry view
is built with nontoxic materials. So there is no off gassing, formaldehyde reside, or the like. The whole house vacuum system eliminates dust through a sealed piping system. The quality Miele exhaust vent system eliminates food odors within seconds. The windows are operable. And, a computerized vent fan system circulates air flow every hour. Former residents report sleeping more peacefully than ever in their lives and clearing up of illness and allergy.

Free laundry. An on-site Miele clothes washer and drier designed to clean your clothes cleaner than you have ever experienced with less wear and ear on the fabrics. The front loaded design uses less water, but bumles he clothes in a less violent manner. The Miele washer also features a "dry cleaning" system. Wash silks and woolens without fear. No more expensive dry cleaning bills. No more toxic chemicals in your clothes, next to yourskin. Once you've experienced the Miele system, you won't settle for less.

Acoustic Quality. This house is quiet. With 6 solid inches of densely packed cellulose insulation, vibration absorbing sound panels, and double pane window glass, the house is specially engineered for quiet, peaceful living. You will, however, hear the singing birds as the garden is one of their favorite landing spots.

Fire prevention systems. A whole house sprinkler system coupled with hardwired fire alarm provide the emergency back up system. In fact, the fire prevention system consists of the choices of construction materials (non toxic to avoid deadly toxic fumes) and no in-house flame (no gas furnace or appliances).

Privacy + Community. There are four suites at 136 Appleton. Residents can get ot know one another, share meals or remain more private. On Thursday evenings, when Diane Cotman is in town, she hosts her famous Dinner Salons, infamous for the gourmet food, the scintillating conversations, and always, always singing.