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Unit 2 North

Sleep in a bed from a castle in Barcelona!

This 1,400 square foot, six room, two bedroom, bi-level unit with double French door entranceway, only steps from front deck and sunset dinners. On the first level are the living room, dining room and kitchen. The stairs lead to the second level two bedrooms, WC and Spa relaxation room featuring an opulent Victorian claw legged whirlpool Jacuzzi, bookshelves filled with poetry, and rocking chair. Hardwood floors, northern exposure, sky lights, contemporary design.

Unit 2 North Floor Plan
Floor Plan - Click on the image

The first floor features public space of living, dining room and pocket doors to the kitchen. The walls are the soothing color of butter trimmed with high gloss no VOC (non-toxic) white. Better Homes and Gardens interior designers commented that the warm colors and contemporary furniture sing “easy, comfortable living.” The 2nd floor windows provide sunny morning and afternoon sun from all sides. Diane Cotman won a window treatment contest for her clever “pull from the bottom” shades, allowing for street privacy and sun invitation at the same time. The hardwood floors are covered with a 100% wool Egyptian rug producing the tranquil feeling of an ancient monastery. The wool creates an abundance of hydronium ions, the same ions the give the feeling of freshness after a spring rain. 

The second floor deck is only steps from the front door – providing an exquisite setting for sunset dinners. With the pocket doors leading into the wood floored kitchen with finely finished Dover Woods cabinetry, one can barely distinguish the kitchen from the living and dining rooms. This fully equipped gourmet kitchen features energy efficient refrigeration, Meile silent-wash dishwasher with silverware tray, Miele true convection oven and cook top, and an eye-stopping high-exhaust vent system. The china and silverware provide elegant table setting. (Did we mention the pocket doors to the kitchen? That means messy cooks can close the door and enjoy elegant dining with no concerns).

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The stairs lead to the second level bedrooms, WC and Spa relaxation room. Skylights, angled roof, and opened windows offer a veritable feast of views from this upper most roost. 

You can sleep in a bed from a castle in Barcelona! The Amelia (blue/moss green) with gloss white trim color provide a cool and soothing feeling in the bedroom perch that overlooks the back garden. The windows create a refreshing view. Room features Queen-size bed, 6 foot closet, full wall bureau and desk unit, Casablanca fan, and Brass Lights Gallery wall sconces (with dimmer switches).

Tudor ice with gloss white trim elicit the feeling of cloudy skies as you sink into the comfy, pillow stacked bedroom. White eyelet curtains flutter the cool summer breeze as Chopin or Brahams waft you into relaxation bliss. Skylight, vaulted ceiling, Casablanca ceiling fan, elegant frosted white wall sconces (with dimmers), a 6 foot closet, and a wall bureau system complete the room.


Now, for the piece de resistance!

Featured in Boston Globe Magazine, a room designed for relaxation bliss features an opulent Victorian claw legged whirlpool bath, full wall of bookshelves filled with poetry, 100% cotton plush towels, Harrington Brass antique faucets, a full size linen closet, Robern floor-to-ceiling medicine cabinet, stand-alone full size mirror, candles and rocking chair. It's a room designed for reading poetry while your sweetheart bathes. The St. Thomas low flow flush toilet resides in a separate room. 

Featured in Boston Globe Magazine (and include those pages)