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Unit G - The Garden Suite

Garden Unit
The look of an Italian villa is remembered in this 700 square foot unit with its Italian terra cotta tile with Biblical Egyptian granite inlaid floors, Arroyo Craftsman Mission wall sconces, Corian island counter, antique brass fixtures and wide open floor plan. Old world artistic simplicity with new world technology.

Heated exclusively by radiant heat, your toes will be toasty warm when you hop out of bed in the morning. Radiant tubes imbedded in the concrete subfloor are filled with warm water which radiates through the floor and heats the entire apartment. No drafts. No change of air temperature. You will be heated to the bone in a most pleasurable manner.

From the front door, the eye is immediately drawn to an open island seating area that extends back to a cook's dream kitchen. (110 square feet of counter top, Meile no-noise dishwasher with silverware tray, Miele convection oven, Miele odor-removing high power duct system, Energy Star refrigerator and every imaginable piece of kitchen equipment a cook's heart could desire).
The eye can scan the space to see a living room, full wall closet, bedroom, and bath. The living room features a whole wall built-in cabinet system with office desk, entertainment and library system.
The bedroom is lit by a dramatic ceiling mount Arroyo Craftsman Mission light which reflects delightful light and shadows. The antique brass bed features a plush feather mattress and quilt. In the bathroom, the frosted class sink is mounted in a tiled pedestal. A light under the sink cabinet reflects through the frosted glass providing a diffused night light. Exquisite!

The garden unit exits through French doors onto a private sunken patio.

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