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The Area

West Cambridge is a low-density residential neighborhood with about eight thousand residents.

The major commercial center and transit center in West Cambridge is Harvard Square, while smaller commercial areas exist along Huron Avenue, Concord Avenue, and Mt. Auburn Street. Harvard University has some academic facilities in the neighborhood.

Fresh Pond Reservation, a 155-acre kettle hole lake surrounded by 162 acres of land and a nine-hole golf course, is located at the western end of West Cambridge.

A portion of the Charles River Reservation lies along the southeastern edge.

Historic Mount Auburn Cemetery is located at the southwestern edge of the neighborhood

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What can be more important than scouring for food?


Fortunately, there are many sources of grocery food. Some as close as next door, others a bit further.

All superb.

There are three principle ways to obtain groceries.

They are:

1) The highest quality, more convenient, yet more pricy local shops, including:

Formaggio Kitchen , hand-crafted Artisan cheese aged in the Caves of Formaggio, imported chocolates, and the finest culinary treats collected from all over the world.

2) Grocery stores located a short distance from the house and more modestly priced:

Fresh Pond Market - Huron Village 
(Best butcher in town - where Julia Child bought her meat and a wine selection to die for) 

Whole foods natural and organic grocery store

Welcome to Trader Joe's - Your Neighborhood Grocery Store
Trader Joe's - Healthy, wholesome natural foods at reasonable prices

Star Market Company, Inc. : 625 Mt. Auburn Street Cambridge, MA ...
Star Market general grocery store with wide variety of food types and choices. Most modestly priced.

3) Fresh Pond Market Delivery. The local store will deliver for orders of $xxxx or more.

All options provide quality food. In the summer, the local Farmer’s Market in Harvard Square provides low-cost, fresh, organic vegetables

Huron Village

Pulcinella's Italian
I invited the Italian scholars to dinner at the North End. As we walked home, they asked, "Why did we go to The North End, when the best Italian restaurant in Cambridge is on Huron Avenue?" One must, absolutely must, dine here often. Small, delicious, romantic.

Formaggio Kitchen
Only the best specialty story in the country -- is right next door to Sabbatical House! How lucky can we be? www.formaggiokitchen.com

Hallie's Flowers


There is only one bank recommended. Cambridge Trust Company.

The main branch is in Harvard Square, local branch only one block away on Huron Avenue. Elaine Arsenault, Huron Avenue branch manager, treats everyone, especially Sabbatical House visiting scholars with special care in all transactions.


Coffee Shops + Restaurants

The immediate neighborhood boasts of a 4 star restaurant, an award winning coffee shop, pizza shops, gourmet delis, Japanese, Chinese and Italian cruise within a two block walk.

If those options aren’t enough, Harvard Square has everything!


Shops + Boutiques

Henry Bear’s Park is the best toy store, bar none!

But whether its Marimekko, Mobilia Gallery, Clothware, you are sure to find what you never imagined.

Spend hours browsing the Bryn Mawr Book Store (used books with famous inscriptions).

Art + Culture

Drama, comedy, poetry, music, dance, art, classical, international, the list is endless.

The opportunities for viewing or participating are extensive. Sabbatical House residents are frequently invited to private viewings, special features and unannounced performances.

Neighborhood Playgrounds

Lovely neighborhood playgrounds are quietly tucked in the side streets throughout the City of Cambridge.

Local parents chat while watching the little tikes teeter-totter, swing and slide.

Swing Set

Open Space

Fresh Pond is a large open space surrounding the Fresh Pond Reservoir, which is the Cambridge Water Supply.

A 2.5 mile path around Fresh Pond is the site of joggers, walkers and bicyclists.

The large open field entrance is a hot spot of Frisbee playing and dog chasing. Secluded sitting spots are welcome journal writing and reflection spots, necessary for creative renewal.

A walk around Fresh Pond is sure to introduce you to many familiar faces.

(Note: If someone is looking down at the ground while walking, please do not disturb. He/she is probably writing the latest book).

Fresh Pond is located only 1/4 mile from the Sabbatical House.

Fresh Pond


Golf Course

A public access golf course conveniently abuts the Fresh Pond path.

To schedule a time, call (617)349-6282 or www.freshpondgolf.com

Golf Course

Ideas + Information

Authorities, libraries, conferences and meetings are the lifeblood of the Cambridge community.

The library system with Cambridge Public Library, Harvard’s Hollis System, MIT, and the Boston Public Library are linked to most libraries in the country, including The Library of Congress.

The plethora of universities, associations and organizations in the area host such a variety of speakers that one could occupy a full work week attending events.

The Cambridge Community Development Web Site

Hospital and Medical Care

Boston is the leader in top rate medical care.

The Mt. Auburn Hospital, located only two blocks from the house, boasts of admitting privileges for many of Boston’s top physicians.


Alternative medical care is an expansive industry in the area, including the well known Marino Center for Integrative Health.


Mt. Auburn Cemetery + Arboretum

Mt. Auburn Cemetery is located only 1/4 mile from the house.

Mt. Auburn has always been thought of as a Cambridge institution and its fame is widespread, both as the burial place of many famous people and as the first rural garden cemetery in this country.

After its opening in 1832, it soon became one of Boston’s outstanding sights, visited by simple townspeople and foreign dignitaries alike.

A visitor of today, walking the secluded paths lined with sculptured memorials and ornamental plantings, still experiences the impact of a 19th century Romantic landscape.

Mt. Auburn came into being under the sponsorship of the Massachusetts Horticultural Society and played a dual role as cemetery and as experimental garden for fruits and vegetables. In fulfillment of the latter objective, 32 of the original 72 acres were set aside for an experimental plot, and seed and plants were gathered from many parts of the world to grow there.