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How the Sabbatical House Got Started

Ray Vernon
The idea for Sabbatical House was developed in collaboration with the Harvard Business School and the Kennedy School of Government.

It started as informal discussions with faculty as many visiting scholars complained that they were forced to leave lovely living conditions and live in substandard student-type housing during their sabbatical year at Harvard.

Economist Ray Vernon (now deceased) and Diane Cotman decided to fix that problem. Many HBS + KSG faculty jumped on board -- and Sabbatical House was built -- to create a high quality, everything-at-your-fingertips, Cambridge lifestyle housing situation for visiting scholars and their families.

This would allow scholars to focus their time and energy on research, contact with local scholars, and relaxation.

The house is in historic West Cambridge, near many Harvard faculty.

Meetings at one of the neighborhood coffee shops is easy and pleasant.

West Cambridge is only minutes from Harvard Square -- but it feels like country living.